Publications FAQ

Can't find the title you are looking for?
Chances are the title has been updated or the publication is no longer in print. Please forward any and all inquiries to Jo-Ann McQuillan, Director of Information and Communications at (416) 482-1396 Ext. 224 or Toll-free 1-800-567-7422 Ext. 224.

What payment options are available?
The ICA will accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, cash, cheques and money orders (in Canadian dollars) made out to the Institute of Communication Agencies. Please note that all prices are subject to 5% GST, regardless of your address.

What about Shipping and Handling?
Shipping and Handling costs vary, depending on the number and format of titles you have ordered as well as the type of delivery service you choose. Please call Jo-Ann McQuillan to discuss which options are available.

Does the ICA have any other books?
The ICA has a library of advertising and marketing materials that is open to members only. We collect books, reports, a wide range of periodical publications as well as audio visual material. In addition, members are invited to browse our 600+ subject files. For an appointment, please call Jo-Ann McQuillan at 416-482-1396 Ext. 224.

I'm not a member - can I visit the library?
Under certain circumstances, non-members will be allowed access to the ICA library. Our resources have been used by academics, researchers, archivists and writers.

Please call 416-482-1396 Ext.224 to determine if you are eligible.

I am a member - what is my password?
Give us a call (416-482-1396 Ext. 231) or send a quick email. We will remind you what your password is OR we will set one up for you. Please note that passwords are assigned to individuals within ICA member agencies - we do not assign blanket passwords for the entire agency.

I am a librarian and I need more information!
We would love to talk to you, whether it be for an ISBN number or a book recommendation. Please contact our librarian, Jo-Ann McQuillan.

I need advice on where to find an advertising or marketing book!
Give us a call - we will help you to figure out what libraries to visit in your neighbourhood or which bookstores to visit. Contact Jo-Ann McQuillan at 416-482-1396 Ext. 224

I need to borrow a book from the ICA library
ICA members are allowed to borrow books for approximately one month. We will send our resources to any ICA member agency in Canada, on the following conditions:

  • The agency pays for shipping both ways.
  • The agency assumes responsibility for current market value replacement of the book/resource if it is lost or damaged.

Call Jo-Ann McQuillan at 416-482-1396 Ext. 224 to get the book you need ASAP!