Behind Closed Doors: The New Social Media

Jun 1, 2017

How do brands engage with users "behind closed doors" without intruding upon private moments?
From 2015, usage of messaging apps such as Whatsapp, BBM, Snapchat and WeChat outstripped that of traditional social apps like Facebook and Twitter. Sending messages via a mobile device has always been at the core of the mobile phone experience with users spending approximately 60% of their time engaging in this medium - with the remaining 40% divided between content, commerce, and gaming. 
Yet for a long time, these “dark social” apps posed a huge challenge to marketers. 
Join us on June 1, 2017, as Adam Pattison, BBM Vice President – EMEA & NA, discusses why mobile messaging is the "killer" app and why brands should be taking advantage of their content ecosystems to become a part of the conversation.

Adam Pattison, BBM Vice President – EMEA & NA
Adam heads the commercial BBM sales business outside of Asia. His role incorporates sales and marketing efforts across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa alongside strategic business development with existing and potential content and commerce partners that are keen to align and adapt their businesses within messaging ecosystems. Adam joined the BBM team in 2013 as it transitioned into a multi-platform product on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems and before it was being monetized. He is part of the global leadership team that developed BBM into the multi-million dollar advertising business that it is today.

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