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Fall 2014 Workshops/Webinars

SWIM-CAMP – Sept 17/Oct 08 sessions. The under-30 workshop series for turbo-charging careers.

This unique series is designed for the success of young agency professionals with ambition to advance. It offers a roadmap to increasingly senior roles.

Who Should Attend?
Creatives, planners and account managers who want to sharpen their ability to deliver world-class work with consistency. This program is well suited to those who aspire to take on more responsibility connected to the creation and sell-in of ideas.

Timing & Cost:
2 half-day Fall 2014 workshops - Sep 17/Oct 08



Individual Workshop

Four Workshop Package

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September 17 Session - The Client. Feeling the Love

This session focuses on the least examined, yet most important relationship: the one with the client. This relationship is fundamental to making the best work happen, and leaving it to others is a huge miss that helps explain disappointing outcomes. This session delivers new understanding of what’s really going on across the table, the ways many agency professionals undermine their own success, and the enormous opportunity that comes with getting to know clients, and their businesses. The how-to on gaining holistic understanding of the client’s reality, speaking their language, earning trust and selling great work.

Highlight: This session features the Swim Radical Listening workshop, a big hit at Cannes last June where participants learned how to build strong relationships and sell their best work with their ears.

For more information visit swim-camp.com


October 08 Session – What's Your Story?

The best idea in history, months in the making, can wind up filling recycling bins rather than screens thanks to poor preparation to sell it in. Even the most senior people blow the sell, regularly. This session will address everything from identifying the best story to sell the idea, to bullet-proofing your presentation. Tips on overcoming stage fright, speaking the right language for the audience, and what it will take before the meeting to sell the work (including the acid test for the idea). Participants leave this session poised to make greater contributions in any meeting, with any group.

Highlight: The session culminates in a novel storytelling workshop that enhances presentation skills and builds confidence for anyone in the spotlight.

For more information visit swim-camp.com


To REGISTER (ON-LINE) or for more info visit: swim-camp.com

BRAIN-CAMP – Oct 22/Nov 19 sessions. The skill building workshop series for the seriously minded.








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