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Stanfield’s “Guy at home in his underwear”

The challenge for 150-year-old company Stanfield’s was simple yet daunting: become relevant to a younger generation of men who thought of the brand as “their grandfather’s tighty-whities,” if they thought of them at all.

Stanfield’s brand proposition, “We support men,” resonated well with the male target. And if he didn’t care much about underwear, the agency would find something he did care about: testicles. Specifically, testicular cancer.

“The Guy at Home in his Underwear” was a live-streamed, 24/7 fundraising social media experiment. A testicular cancer survivor, Mark McIntyre, spent 25 straight days at home in nothing but his Stanfield’s skivvies for all to see at GuyAtHome.com. Viewers could communicate with Mark via live chat and participate in fundraising challenges. And for each Facebook “like” received, Stanfield’s donated $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The agency streamed four cameras using LiveStream technology. Viewers could vote in real time on a range of daily challenges for Mark. Weekly donation challenges were integrated into a branded page tied to the Canadian Cancer Society’s back-end donation platform. And one-minute videos recapped each day’s activities.

The results blew away every success measure set for the campaign. There were 52,161 Facebook likes (vs. goal of 25,000), 700,000 website visits, 5,216,100 social media impressions and three million minutes of LiveStream viewing time. There were also over 45 million media impressions in just one month, and 226 stories (vs. 15-20 goal) ran in outlets including the Globe and Mail, the National Post, Global TV, CBC and Sun Media.

It was dubbed “The best social media stunt the country has seen” by the Globe, and generated $52 million for testicular cancer awareness (vs. $25 million goal) and 52,000+ new Stanfield’s FB fans. It also won the Grand Prix at the AToMiC Awards.

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The Top 6 Priorities for e-Commerce Holiday Results in 2011

Media Experts has identified six key areas on which Canadians marketers should focus in order to fully capitalize on the record-setting Canadian online retail growth which will reach a critical mass in this Holiday season during three of the most important retail shopping days of the year; Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day.



The Massive Impact Generic, Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) Could Have on Your Business and Why You Should Be Aware and Concerned

In June of 2011, ICANN unveiled plans that would allow the expansion of generic top-level domains, beyond the existing 22, to include just about anything, taking us from “.com” to “.whatever”. For example, instead of a typical URL like Amazon.com, the gTLD can now be “.amazon” and Amazon could then offer distinct URLs by product, like books.amazon or movies.amazon. Or Amazon (or some other company) could register a non-branded gTLD like “.books” and “Amazon.books” could be the URL. As it stands today, this scheme could go into effect within a few months.






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