Who We Are


The Institute of Communication Agencies, is the not-for-profit association which represents Canada’s advertising and communication agencies. Founded in 1905, the ICA provides proactive leadership and counsel for its members, who account for approximately 75% of Canadian advertising spending, with an economic impact of over $19 billion annually.

The ICA’s mission is to champion commercial creativity, amplify the industry’s economic impact, and to embrace and drive change. As a strong promoter of thought leadership, the ICA develops initiatives, programs and best practice guidelines to help build better agencies and to improve their real and perceived value to clients. ICA members represent a broad range of disciplines in the increasingly integrated world of communication agencies.

To champion commercial creativity, amplify our economic impact, embrace and drive change.

Goals and Strategies

  1. Build the value of our work, while ensuring fair compensation.
  2. Drive industry change, our interests and our points-of-view.
  3. Help members attract, develop and nurture the best possible talent.
  4. Create tangible member value through multiple initiatives and programs.